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HyperHero Cherokee Adjustable Rear Upper Camber Arms. Chili Red

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Our first suspension linkage creation for the 2014-22 Jeep Cherokee KL. This Upper Camber Arm set is extremely beefed up and user adjustable to allow for correct camber of the rear wheels after installing a lift kit. Replacing your factory stamped upper camber arms with these completely do-it-yourself bolt on replacement arms can be installed in your own garage, with basic shop tools (literally as little as 2 wrenches Jack stands and a floor jack, if you're savvy or tool poor), in just an hour or less. Once installed, you can do your own alignment adjustments or take the vehicle to any knowledgeable shop to have it done for you. Once you install the arms, you then rotate the main tube to adjust for positive or negative camber. Lastly, lock the jam nuts and you are good to go. No need to remove the arms to adjust camber whenever an alignment is needed in the future. 

Why Do You Need These?

Currently, when a KL Cherokee is lifted, the rear suspension often falls into a negative camber that can’t be traditionally corrected.  This causes premature wear to the inside tread of the rear tires, as well as unwanted stress on the wheel bearings. In addition to helping alleviate those issues, this product also helps in relief of the excessive resting CV angles produced by larger lift kits. The pure bulk of this design also reduces flex along the suspension geometry, adding extra strength and integrity during challenging off-road adventures and on-pavement handling.  

Cost Effective Prevention:

The cost of this preventative upgrade is only slightly more than the tires it can protect and a multitude less expensive than a wheel bearing or axle failure from continually out of alignment rear suspension! A highly recommended and sometimes necessary investment for any lifted Cherokee KL. 

Vehicle Requirements:

This product fits all KL body Cherokees TrailHawk 2014-2022  or 1" Lift or more (All non TrailHawk trim levels) from any of the current aftermarket providers. This product is  EXPRESSLY NOT RECOMMENDED  for any non TrailHawk KL Cherokee with factory height suspension, or lifts less than an advertised 1"  increase (All no TrailHawk trim levels) due to clearance needs when the wheel is in full tuck. You will most likely cause damage to your rear suspension components if you ignore this warning, and assume all damage resulting in improper installation from ignoring above warning.  

Order Option Details:

We offer these arms powder coated in Hero Blue - or contact us before making your purchase regarding a custom color and related pricing.

Development History:

This design concept has been in real world protoype testing since Nov 2021. We tourtured this design with several suspension set ups, in some of the harshest conditions- from Colorado mountain tops to slickrock in Moab, the High Desert of Texas and extended exposure to Gulf Coast sea salt. We have a single set of prototypes on the shelf that has racked up many tens of thousands of miles and 9 Jeep Badge of Honor trails worth of testing alone. Safe to say, we are very proud of this product.

 Texas Made and Guaranteed lifetime free of mechanical defects. Features Include:

Chromoly Bushing housings with purpose specific poly bushings and sleeves. 

Fully servicable and greasable bushings for long life under extreme use.

3/4" Grade 8 adjustment rods.

1 3/8" OD / 1" ID DOM tube main structure.

Zinc Plating and Powder Coat metal protection done in our stunning Chili Pepper Red. Please note that this is a high gloss, three step powder coat process, and the finish can wear at contact points. Please also note: there is a slight color variation in this Chili powder vs the Stiletto Chili color. The AUCAs chili color is sightly more copper in appearance.

Manufactered with and using the same strict quality guidelines as the Stiletto Control Arms.

The arms are also optimized to work in sync with the Gleaming Alloy Stiletto Lower Control arms, as well.

STOP reading,, and buy them already……..