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HyperHero OffRoad

Air Hose Kit, Cargo Bay To Gas Door

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As seen on our social media accounts and created in-house, this kit includes everything you need to install a quick connect coupler inside your gas door and run the pneumatic air hose back to your cargo area mounted air compressor (such as ARB). We use high quality pneumatic fittings and kink resistant hose in our kits, and the systems are pressure rated to 110psi. 

This is a VERY EASY install that most any user can complete in about an hour.

This kit takes a route between the rear left area of the cargo bay, along the inside of the rear bumper liner, up the passenger wheel well, to behind the gas fill well. Installation will only require two 14mm holes to be drilled, 1 in the gas fill well, and 1 in the cargo area. The fitings are tooless push to connect/press the collar to release. 

this kit fits best in the 2019+ gas well  but can be used in 14-18 gas wells with some limited restrictions to the gas cap access.

The kit includes;

8 feet of 10mm pneumatic 110psi flexible tubing

1/4" 90deg MIP to pneumatic tube fitting (pump manifod to hose)

1/4" MIP to pneumatic tube pass through fitting (tubing to Quick Connect)

1 Air Hose Coupler Quick Connect

1 tube to tube 90deg elbow (included in case installation encounters a sharp angle)

Pipe cutting tool (tubing must be cut without deforming the end to assure proper seal)

Small Roll of Teftape (if better thread sealing is necessary) 

Strip of Butal tape to seal the drain plug pass through the hose will use to enter cargo bay


Tools not included: 

Small wrench to tighten the fittings

14mm drill bit

Wire ties to secure hose along its route

Might also consider wire loom to cover the hose where abrasion may occur.