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HyperHero OffRoad

2021-2023 Bronco Sport CV Protectors

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After quite bit of problem solving, we now offer a set of CV SealSavers that will give added protection to your fragile CV boots on your axles. CV boots cannot be repaired, requiring the entire half axle to be replaced at great expense. this simple, cost effective solution can prevent that.

This is a set of protectors that cover the 4 most at risk boots - the 2 outer front and 2 inner rears. Buy two sets to cover all 8 CVs. 

ProSeries CV Savers – CV Joint Boot Covers

CV Savers neoprene CV protectors are an innovative design that are designed to protect your CV joint boot. Our CV boot guards feature quick and easy installation over your existing CV joint boot. The CV Savers can serve two different purposes. They can act as an additional boot for dual protection, or can be used as an emergency backup. Leave them on full time as a first line of defense over the CV Boot. Or, you can store them in a bag in your vehicle and use as needed. If you put a hole or tear a CV Boot, you can use the CV Saver as a backup or a Band-Aid to get you back home, or to the next pit- keeping the grease in and the dirt out. Zip Ties are provided to aid in installation.

The ProSeries line features the same design and fit but are now made out of our NEW FlexPower material which is more durable than the original CV Savers. The ProSeries also features our NEW Zip-Tie pouch to make installation easier and more effective.

ProSeries CV Savers are available in three sizes that will fit most ATVs, Side by Side Cars, Jeeps, Buggys and Trucks. They are only available in black*Note, if you are unable to fasten the larger zip-tie on the CV Joint itself because there is not enough room, slide the CV Saver as far over the boot as possible and put two zip-ties on the axle itself. Even if you can only cover 75-80% of the boot, you can still protect that boot. The two zip-ties on the axle act as a double locking nut, preventing the CV Saver from sliding off the boot. Use a set of dyke clips to ratchet the zip-tie down as much as possible. Then, clip the tag end of the zip-tie. You will not run the longer zip-tie around the large end of the CV Joint, only the two zip-ties on the axle.