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Gleaming Alloy

GA Stiletto 1" Lift Integrated Lower Control Arms

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Gone are the days of the Rear spring spacers. If you are serious about your off roading, you need these. Brought to you by our partner GLEAMING ALLOY, Stiletto™ suspension components use tubular steel to replace stock components that are typically stamped or cast aluminum. They offer greater strength and durability than the stock components that they replace and better on-pavement rear handling. They also offer increased capability and/or other features, depending on which component they are replacing. This is a revolutionary new lift design unlike any other. and not sold anywhere else in the world!

Color options are: Standard - Black/Silver  Hero Blue - Black/Hero Blue

Hero Blue is a Limited Edition color and Only Sold Here! (+$35)

Matching Front Lift Options Are Available HERE

Rear Lower Control Arms for Jeep Cherokee (KL)

Our first Stiletto™ product, the rear lower control arm of the Jeep Cherokee (KL) is the weakest link of it's off-road suspension. The stock control arms are made of aluminum and they are very susceptible to damage. They hang down very low and are prone to strike obstacles no matter how much body lift you have added. After striking an obstacle, their natural reaction is to twist. Over time, this forces the pressed-in bushing on the hinge joint to work itself out of the control arm, which will eventually lead to total control arm failure.

 The Stiletto rear Lower Control Arm for Jeep Cherokee (KL) improves upon the stock arms by utilizing steel construction that's over three times stronger than the stock arms. They also feature a fixed bushing that won't twist out after repeated obstacle strikes. 

 Additional benefits include:

 • Increased ground clearance ranging from 1.25"-1.75" across the length of the arm.

• Integrated body lift, available in 1", 2" and 3" varieties. 3" coming soon.

• Corrected spring geometry so there is no outward bowing at normal ride heights.

• Polyurethane bushings that improve on-road handling.

• Tubular design naturally resists getting hung up on obstacles.

• Integrated deflector plate prevents rock damage and digging into dirt on heavily rutted trails.

• Zinc plated and powder-coated to protect against abrasion and corrosion.

 Note: The Stiletto rear lower control arm for Jeep Cherokee (KL) is NOT intended to be used with any kind of spacer lift. Doing so will adversely affect spring geometry. If you already have a spacer lift, you will need to remove it before installing these control arms. Specific variants for Dobinsons springs will become available after initial release.

*- Some images show pre-production prototypes.