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Gleaming Alloy

Gleaming Alloy XOPLATE Chin Guard Stage Zero. PREORDER

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The Jeep Cherokee (KL) Trailhawk features an exceptionally good 29° approach angle, which increases if you have any kind of lift installed. This enables it to cleanly approach steep inclines or exit steep declines where other vehicles would plow their front bumper into the ground. As good as it is, there are still many scenarios where the lower bumper takes a beating. Approaching ledges, a bolder field or trudging through a mud pit with hidden debris will all take a toll on the factory plastic bumper. At best, it creates gouges and cuts which are a cosmetic eyesore. At worst, the bumper can be punctured, possibly doing damage to the front radiator support and/or the radiator itself. We've heard stories of Cherokees being disabled by an ill placed rock or a branch going through the bumper and taking out the radiator.


The Gleaming Alloy XOPlate Chin Guard for Jeep Cherokee (KL) Trailhawk brings protection to your lower bumper without requiring a full bumper replacement. You'll be conquering trails with confidence, knowing that crippling front-end damage is extremely unlikely. Plus you'll be doing it in style with a look that proclaims your Jeep is ready for action!


There are three variants to meet the various needs of Jeep Cherokee owners:


Stage 0: This features the center chin guard and grille insert (shown above) in a 100% bolt-on design that requires no drilling, trimming or cutting. Utilizing 11 gauge, cold-rolled steel, Stage 0 sits flush on your front bumper and provides exceptional protection against obstacles and debris that would otherwise cut or penetrate the plastic bumper. Installs in under an hour, even if you have minimal mechanical ability. Can be removed to return your Jeep to a stock look or if you'd like to upgrade in a different direction. This is the perfect enhancement to anyone who wants front-end protection but doesn't want to "take the knife" to their Jeep!


Stage 1: Visually identical to Stage 0, this variant ups the ante by utilizing 10 gauge, cold rolled-steel and 1" (25mm) ribbing to significantly increase its strength. The lower portion bolts to your skid plates, just like Stage 0 does, but the upper portion features heavier duty mounts that bolt to the ribbing rather than the plate itself. To accommodate the ribbing and beefier mounts, this variant requires the portion of your front bumper behind the skid plate to be cut away and discarded. Installs in about two hours and requires a little more mechanical ability than Stage 0.


Stage 2: This variant provides full protection for the entire width of your bumper. It starts with the center Stage 1 component and adds "winglets" that extend in front of your tires. These winglets are angled more sharply, increasing the approach angle of the wheels so you can climb up and over rocks and ledges more easily. The best part is that you can start with Stage 1 and upgrade to Stage 2 by purchasing the winglets separately and simply bolting them in place. Stage 2 requires that the entire lower portion of your bumper, including the portion in front of your wheels, be cut away and discarded. Installs in about three hours and requires a little more mechanical ability than Stage 0.


All variants can accommodate the technology/sensor package and feature a durable, powder-coat finish that protects against abrasion and corrosion. Available in Silver and Black.


This product will roll out in stages (pardon the pun). Stage 0 is expected to be shipping by late March, 2024, with Stage 1 & 2 following in April and May. We are now taking pre-orders for the Stage 0 variant for Gen 2 (2019+) Cherokee Trailhawks. Tech Package options will ship mid to late August.


The Stage 0 variant for Gen 2 will sell for $299 USD which includes thick, 11 gauge and 3/16" steel parts, durable powder coated finish, and zinc plated hardware. Pricing for Stage 1 & 2 is yet to be determined.


Orders are filled in the order that they are received. In-stock items are typically shipped within one or two business days.