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Gleaming Alloy

Gleaming Alloy XOPLATE Exhaust Skid plate. PREORDER

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If you have a V6 equipped Jeep Cherokee (KL), did you know that your exhaust flex pipes are exposed and vulnerable to trail damage? They emerge from the engine bay right behind the powertrain skid plate and are perfect targets for rocks and other debris. Many a Cherokee off-roader has found this out the hard way. At best, you'll tear a hole in the pipes and have an exhaust leak that needs to be repaired. At worst, you'll break the front exhaust hanger and be faced with trail damage that must be dealt with before you can make it home.


The XOPlate Front Exhaust Skid Plate for Jeep Cherokee (KL) Trailhawk protects this vulnerable area from trail damage. It shields the exhaust pipes, front driveshaft and some exposed brake and gas lines, so even 4 cylinder equipped Cherokees can reap its benefits. Utilizing thick, 10 gauge cold-rolled steel and supplemental 1/4" thick plates, it can take a lot of abuse, protecting you from the worst obstacles a trail can throw at you. Designed to dissipate heat and allow continuous airflow, this XOPlate will give you the confidence you need when navigating the toughest trails. Lastly, a durable, heat-resistant, black powder-coat finish protects against abrasion and corrosion!


Fits all years and models of the Jeep Cherokee (KL).


This product is expected to be shipping by late-April, 2024. We are now taking pre-orders for the first production batch. It sells for $329 USD which includes thick 10 gauge and 1/4" steel parts, durable BLACK powder coated finish, and zinc plated hardware.


Orders are filled in the order that they are received. In-stock items are typically shipped within one or two business days.