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Gleaming Alloy

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk WK2 Differential Skid plate

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Rear Differential Guard for Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2)

The Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) Trailhawk features a hydraulically-operated, electronically controlled limited slip differential that is capable of providing variable torque up to full axle lock, helping to maximize traction when needed. In addition to providing ultimate traction control, it is also used in conjunction with ABS and stability control to provide enhanced vehicle dynamics. All this sophistication comes at a price: $1860 (MSRP) to be exact! While the rear-differential is tucked away nicely, it is not impervious to trail damage. Sliding off rocks and onto boulders, or turning up rocks and debris after driving over them, can leave you stranded on the trail... and facing a rather large repair bill when you get home!

The XOPlate Rear Differential Guard for Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) protects your rear differential by encasing it in hard, 10 gauge, cold-rolled steel. Ventilation slots ensure continued cooling and water drainage. A simple, bolt-on design allows it to be installed in minutes and won't interfere with your exhaust or drive shaft. A durable, powder-coat finish protect against abrasion and corrosion, to