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Gleaming Alloy

Rear XO Sub-Frame Skid Plate for the 2014-2023 Cherokee KL

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The Rear Driveline Module (or RDM) of the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk is a feat of engineering. It can intelligently disconnect from the driveshaft when power is not needed at the rear wheels and reconnect in a fraction of a second. Internal clutch packs can direct power to the left or right wheels, wherever traction is available. A two-speed gear-set can shift into 4-Low to provide toque multiplication. Lastly, an electronic locker can lock the axles together, providing maximum traction in slippery situations. All this technology comes at a price: $3700 (MSRP) to be exact! Unfortunately, it's size and position under the KL sub-frame makes it extremely vulnerable to damage. One hard strike in just the wrong place will leave you stranded on the trail and facing several thousand dollars of repairs when you get home!


If the RDM vulnerabilities weren't bad enough, the KL rear sub-frame also has vulnerable components. The front- and mid- skid plates of the Cherokee KL are exceptionally good, but they provide a false sense of security. They make it possible to slide over large rocks that you technically don't have the ground clearance for. Once they reach the rear of the fuel tank skid plates, the vehicle can 'fall' onto the rocks and damage to the sub-frame can occur. The toe-control arm mounts are particularly vulnerable. A hard hit there and the mounts can bend or break, leading to several thousand dollars in repairs to replace your sub-frame.


The XOPlate Rear Sub-Frame Skid Plate for Jeep Cherokee (KL) Trailhawk protects vulnerable areas of the rear sub-frame and encases the low-hanging areas of the RDM. It utilizes a complex mounting system to protect the RDM without bolting to the RDM itself. This is important because any skid plate that attaches itself to the RDM is not truly protecting it against shock. Rubber isolation mounts ensure that the skid plate remains quiet and undetectable when driving your Cherokee around town. Lastly, a durable, powder-coat finish protect against abrasion and corrosion!




• - All images show pre-production prototypes. 

•• - May fit non-Trailhawk models but has not been test fitted yet.